K:  What is your favorite photograph from that shoot and why?

This one is a hard one! I can think of few memorable ones that really stand out for me…first one would be my portrait, when I scoop my face gently with my hand. During that shot you made sure I relaxed my hand so that we lose my “claw-like” tendencies. In this photo, I also have a gentle smile and big shiny eyes that are highlighted by right exposure, making it a clean and a sharp portrait.

karolina fashion

Second one is a flirty one when I look down and smile. It is a little bit coquettish, but in a subtle way.You also highlighted beautiful features of my long neck, straight shoulders, as I leaned closer to you, exposing the chest area and creating wonderful half body shot. Last one  that I really liked is the one on the rooftop, when I stand with my back to you, twisting my body and looking right at the camera over my shoulder. Artfully, you captured my shadow behind me and made sure my face is highlighted by the sun. It is also a full body shoot, showing of my legs. I think this shot is also very sexy and I think you did a great job with it!