K: How do you define beauty and what do you think a beauty portrait means to a woman?

Beauty is what lies within. It’s been said before but it’s true! It manifests itself in different ways, at different times. In general, people have a physical element that they really like and are proud of.

karolina portrait

For me, its my eyes. I think they are unusual blend of colors,but only to those who pay attention. It takes a degree of intimacy and time to notice them. In the media, we get more and more positive messages for women to embrace and love their curves. I think it is really important for girls and women to love themselves, for who they really are. There is simply no better way to be authentic than that. 

In terms of beauty pictures, I think women would like to have their “beautiful” elements highlighted as much as possible and their “flaws” corrected and hidden. Beauty portrait is women’s self-esteem, it is her pride and her self-admiration. I think every woman should have  a beautiful portrait of herself hanging in her home, or stored in her most treasured album to remind her and her loved ones who she really is, at her core.