We all ‘model’ since the day we are born, whether we realize it or not.

By model, I mean we pose and smile for artists and photographers in our lives–family, friends and occasionally, a pro. Photo shoots continue throughout the years celebrating birthdays, holidays, vacations, graduations, weddings, communions and anniversaries…the list is endless really.

As children, we model naturally and that is why we look so great in pictures. We are playful, happy and care-free; in other words, we are comfortable in our own skin. As we get older, not so much. Insecurities often bog us and our thoughts run rampant:

“How is my hair and make-up? 
Will the photographer know how to pose me so I don’t look fat, etc..?”
We secretly pray “please, just don’t take a bad photo of me and then blast if all over FB for everyone to see!”

Crazy,  right?
My goal as a photographer is for my clients to have some good ol’ fashioned fun, like in the old times when we were kids! I want women to let go of their insecurities in front of camera and reconnect with that happy, care-free self. As I enter their personal space for a fleeting moment, I want to help women to see themselves differently–as beautiful, unique and exotic beauties they really are.