About ME

Photography for me is creative freedom, living in a present moment and a blank slate… it feels exhilarating.

Like most Gemini, I like things to be meaningful, up close and personal. Based in New York, I’m happily married with a one-year-old Siberian husky. New Yorker by choice, European by descent, nowadays I split my time between the city and the country. When I am not working, I enjoy yoga, travel and wine.

I have worked for the past 3 years with both corporate and individual clients to create impactful imagery for their businesses, brands and personal use and enjoyment.  This includes business and artists' portraiture, lifestyle and private commissions.


Who I AM.

Every woman, Gemini
(shall I say more?),
a world traveler,
chocolate lover,
sentimental & romantic sometimes
I can’t live without a cup of coffee in the morning,
my family,
Manolos and
red lipstick,
a great trip at least once a year,
and a kiss goodnight.

Scariest thing that I’ve ever done
is sky-diving followed by bungee jumping
all in one day while on vacation down under.


At A Glance

My Style
Contemporary fashion inspired portraiture/editorial

Special Assignments
Lifestyle & Travel

Love to Work With
Women of all ages and their loved ones

My Mission
To make you unforgettable

Accomplished By
A customized and intimate photoshoot session with me

My Secret Weapon
Focus on Look-Feel-Reveal